Don't panic - jobs still needed

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There’s no need to panic about jobs.

That’s the message to clients from HR GO Recruitment chairman Jack Parkinson after the shock Brexit vote. For most clients, it would be business as usual.

HR GO plc is well placed to satisfy most recruitment needs because its family of companies covers a wide spectrum of industry specialisms.

HR GO Recruitment for permanent and temporary positions, Exectec for senior roles, RHL for pharmaceuticals, life sciences, consumer healthcare, manufacturing, renewables, oil and gas and engineering, Encore Technical Solutions for automotive and engineering, Mackenzie Carter for digital, creative and media, HR GO Driving serves that sector.

Mr Parkinson said the business was well aware of skills scarcity and highly experienced in finding people with those skills.

He accepted that some enterprises, especially those with close EU links, might trim back hiring plans.

And some clients in, for example, the construction and land sectors that rely on easy access to EU workers, might be concerned. But negotiations about the UK’s future relationship with the EU would take some time.

Until the outcome was known, there would be no change to existing arrangements for taking on EU and other overseas workers.

The decision could also be good news for UK workers. While there would be no immediate change to taking on unskilled EU labour, employers might step up their efforts to recruit UK workers.

“There is a lot of understandable worry and uncertainty about how the Brexit vote will affect jobs,” he said. “But it’s important to stay calm and for the Government to ensure business stability. The UK has a large, vibrant economy and we at HR GO are optimistic that employers will still need permanent and temporary workers. With our network of outlets across the UK, we are well placed to find the right people for clients and the right job for candidates.

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