Getting started on a joint venture

When you start a joint venture with the HR GO group, we provide extensive support services to help you
reach your full business potential. In this win-win partnership both you and the HR GO group benefit financially from your businesses increases, motivating everyone for success.

We make dreams come true

Getting started as a JV partner, means you get to realise your business dreams. You decide how things get done and keep the profits from your efforts, while receiving invaluable assistance from your support team.

Our behind-the-scenes-support means you're free to concentrate on what you do best - running the business. See what our current JV partners say about our support services on our Joint venture success stories page.


Here is just part of what we offer when getting started on a joint venture

  • We provide you with a monthly salary with no upfront costs.
  • You get comprehensive back-office support including state of the art IT, payroll and marketing services.
  • You also have access to national contracts won by our successful sales team.
  • In addition, you get over 40 years of business experience from our multiple industry specialists to help guide you.

What else sets us apart

The HR GO group's joint ventures are based on a tried and tested, successful and consistent formula. We’ve done so many, we know what works best. Our company philosophy, emphasising fairness and transparency, means everyone gets the same deal.

The more profit your joint venture generates, the more you personally earn, and the more valuable your shares become. We re-invest 50% of the profits into your business and distribute 50% to the shareholders.

Unlike other JV companies,  HR GO's policies include not holding you personally liable for all losses if you run into problems with your JV.


Interested in getting started on a successful joint venture
with the HR GO group?

Get started by completing our confidential Learn more about joint ventures form and we'll be in touch for a no obligation chat.