Investment & infrastructure to jumpstart your recruitment startup

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It's not often you come across a company actively seeking businesses and talented individuals to invest in, but that is exactly the opportunity the HR GO group is currently offering. Even if your business expertise is not in the recruitment field, but something entirely unrelated, the HR GO group has along history of business investments in a range of sectors.

Need some investment for your business to take off?

It almost sounds too good to be true... no money down, a guaranteed salary, plus infrastructure support including HR, IT and marketing, but it’s actually a proven partnership model that’s been successful for nearly 45 years at the HR GO group. Launching successful joint ventures is how Chairman, Jack Parkinson, made his mark on the business beginning in 1977, and it’s something he continues to be passionate about.

We've launched successful joint ventures for 45 years

HR GO is best known as a leading UK recruitment business established in 1957, with more than 35 offices across the UK, Poland, and Australia, more than 280 permanent staff and over 10,000 temps out in the field each day. But it is also a joint ventures business with a proven track record. After a year of record-breaking growth in our recruitment businesses during the pandemic, HR GO is actively seeking new joint venture investment opportunities in 2021.

We're looking to invest NOW in qualified candidates

We have just launched our new joint ventures pages on this website outlining the business investment opportunity. Here you can find testimonials from a range of current recruitment HR GO joint venture companies, an overview of the support and mentorship provided, as well as more information on how the process works and the benefits to your business.

Diverse sector investments

And even though HR GO has specialised in recruitment for decades, we have also created joint venture partnerships in other sectors including IT and e-commerce companies. So, if like many of us, you’re reinventing yourself for the post-covid lockdown life, consider reaching out today to see just what fulfilling your potential can look like in 2021.

Check out the joint ventures section on this website to submit a completely confidential enquiry. Our business mentor, Jackie McDonald, will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started when you’re ready. 


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