A new chapter has opened for RHL Recruitment..

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RHL Recruitment last week unveiled its new branding, reflecting its continued growth and ambition in the Recruitment industry with a fresh new look. More fitting for the digital age!

New RHL Recruitment Director, Sarah Mitchell, said “I couldn’t have joined at a better time, the new look is designed for the digital age. The plans for an RHL rebrand were already in place before I started, so I only had a couple of weeks to put my stamp on it, but I’m really pleased with our new image”.

For over 40 years, RHL Recruitment has been providing recruitment solutions for clients and supporting professionals to find their next career move in technical industries across the UK and, most recently, Australia. Starting off as a recruitment consultancy focused in the refrigeration sector, RHL now recruits in the areas of Life Sciences, Energy, Transport & Infrastructure, Design & Manufacture, Facilities Maintenance, Property, Automotive and Built Environment.

“The recruitment industry has seen an acceleration of changes due to technology, so it was important to have a brand that represents RHL Recruitment as keeping up with the changing times” said Mitchell. Furthermore adding “RHL is continually growing, and we want to grow further with a brand that we can all be proud of”.

Although the branding has changed, RHL management team are committed to ensuring that the excellent service the consultants have been providing will remain the same. Mitchell said, “I have only met with each of the consultants a handful of times, but they have helped me settle in really easily, I can see the passion they have for RHL. They really wanted this rebrand to happen for a long time”.  

RHL Recruitment announced the relaunch of the brand on their company LinkedIn and Facebook page(s) with a video introducing what has changed. It also launched a social media campaign encouraging users to come up with suggestions of what does RHL stand for to them.  

To see what else has changed, have a look at the brand new RHL website here.


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