Modern Day Slavery Policy Statement

Policy Date: January 2024

HR GO Plc and subsidiary companies commit to developing and adopting a proactive approach to tackling hidden labour exploitation.

Hidden labour exploitation is exploitation of job applicants or workers by third party individuals or gangs other than the employer or labour provider including rogue individuals working within these businesses but without the knowledge of management. It includes forced labour and human trafficking for labour exploitation; payment for work-finding services and work-related exploitation such as forced use of accommodation.  It is understood that it is often well hidden by the perpetrators with victims, if they perceive of themselves as such, reluctant to come forward.

HR GO plc supply agency labour to several organisations in differing supply chains and conduct stringent checks. These include but are not limited to, Food Packaging, Food Processing, Non-Food Manufacturing, Construction, Administration and Office, Hospitality and Catering.

HR GO prioritises its activity within the areas where roles are consistent with those on National Minimum wage and particularly the food packaging industries.


This policy applies to all locations within HR GO Recruitment Ltd, our Joint Ventures and the HR Group plc.


The Board of Directors have overall responsibility, although all are, and should be, aware of this policy contents.

This policy will be reviewed annually or more often as and when necessary.


HR GO Plc and subsidiary companies shall:


  1. Designate the Group Compliance and Quality Manager on all site visits to ensure all consultants / managers are updated and aware of “Tackling Hidden Labour Exploitation” and to have responsibility along with the HR and Compliance functions for developing and operating company procedures relevant to this issue.


  1. Accept that job finding fees are a business cost, (paid by clients) and will not allow these to be paid by job applicants. The Company will not use any individual or organisation to source and supply workers without confirming that workers are not being charged a work finding fee.


  1. Ensure by way of regular reporting that all cases of shared bank accounts, mobile phone numbers, next of kin details and addresses are investigated and reported if any suspicions are evident.


  1. Ensure that all staff responsible for directly recruiting workers are aware of issues around third-party labour exploitation and signs to look for.


  1. Ensure that labour sourcing, recruitment and worker placement processes are under the control of trusted and competent employees.


  1. Adopt a proactive approach to reporting suspicions of hidden worker exploitation to the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and police.


  1. Provide information on tackling “Hidden Labour Exploitation” to our workforce and others through training, the intranet and induction processes.


  1. All employees, regardless of their role are provided with the policies surrounding Modern Day Slavery and are provided with an additional checklist.


  1. Encourage workers to report cases of suspected hidden third-party labour exploitation, to Head Office and provide the means to do so and investigate and act on reports appropriately.


  1. HR GO have and will report such suspicions to the GLAA or other relevant / required regulatory bodies.

 Agreed by: Mr Roderick Barrow, Group Managing Director

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Group Managing Director
Mr Roderick Barrow
Jan 2024