Corporate Social Responsibility

As a well-established business with a footprint across the UK
we take our community responsibilities very seriously.

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We have in place a wide range of policies and procedures to ensure that we operate with ethical and social probity in our dealings with all our stakeholders, including all appropriate personnel, health, safety and environmental policies, and procedures in place to safeguard staff, visitors and other people involved with the business as well as the company itself.

We are an equal opportunities employer and encourage our staff to develop in order to create motivation to contribute to company success, while at the same time deriving both job security and satisfaction.

Surveys are undertaken to assess how well the company deals with a range of stakeholders and actions are initiated, all aimed at continuous improvements.

The company recycles a majority of the material it uses in the normal course of its business and is keen to work with other organisations which have sound sustainable environmental policies.

The company involves itself in community issues by: sourcing prospective employees for both permanent and temporary work; supporting causes of importance to the local community; and through using the local supply chain.

We are founder members of Kent People’s Trust, a Kent constabulary sponsored Trust which supports crime reduction. The company is respected in the business community and adheres to the Code of Practice established by its trade body, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

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