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Lessons I've learned from starting more than 30 recruitment businesses. By Jack Parkinson, Chairman HR GO plc and serial entrepreneur.

Recruitment is exciting and rewarding

If you're thinking about running your own recruitment business you can benefit from some of the things I've learned over more than 40 years, and the experience I've gained through my involvement in more than 30 recruitment start-ups, some of which have gone on to be worth millions of pounds for the JV partners involved.

Recruitment is an exciting and rewarding profession. If you're ambitious for success you'll want to get to market quickly, stay ahead of the competition, and find ways to accelerate your growth. I hope this guide will inspire and equip you to take the plunge and do just that.

If I can help at all I will - feel free to contact me to talk through your ideas.

Best wishes,

Jack Parkinson

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