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Adapt to Address 
COVID-19 Challenges

A Change in Behaviour

In line with the latest directive from Government all staff across HR GO plc businesses are now transferring to work from home. We are continuing to adapt our operations to ensure that we are able to ensure the safety of both our employees and workers as well as our ability to provide you with all services, most important urgent recruitment for essential services.

We are updating information regularly on our operational websites.

Business Continuity

  • Our staff are all equipped to work remotely using laptops and mobiles on the core office systems, so they can continue to access data securely as required.
  • Skype services can be used for calls and meetings, including interviews with candidates.
  • Daily routines are in place to ensure no-one feels abandoned or out-of-touch.
  • IT support continues to be provided by our own in-house staff.
  • Staff are receiving regular updates in line with Government and NHS protocols.
  • We are strictly following government guidelines regarding self-isolation and those with any relevant symptoms.

As with all situations that are constantly evolving, we will endeavour to keep our information as up to date and relevant as possible, but the latest advice and guidance is available from the following helpful sites:




If, for any reason, you do need further information from us, please contact your normal contact within HR GO group.  

Roddy Barrow, Group MD HR GO plc
Published: 24 March 2020