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Take control of your destiny – Joint Venture opportunities with HR GO

When you work for someone else the lack of control over your destiny can be frustrating. When you partner with HR GO you can benefit directly from your success.

40 years’ experience and success

A fundamental cornerstone to the success of the HR GO group of companies has been the commitment to build joint venture operations with enthusiastic, motivated individuals who are successful in their own fields.

When Jack Parkinson joined the business in 1977 he immediately saw the opportunity to pioneer joint ventures as a way of growing the business while leaving entrepreneurial managers with an important share in the operation.

The first JV, Refrigeration Recruitment, was formed in 1977, capitalising on Jack’s own refrigeration and air conditioning expertise.

Jack’s dream of creating many millionaires was born there and then – and he has succeeded!

Be your own boss – with expert help and support from HR GO

How does the JV arrangement work?

Joint Venture companies are independent corporate entities (limited companies) where the leaders/key players own part of the equity. The JV partners can concentrate on what they do best (winning and growing profitable business) while benefiting from a package that includes salary, profit share bonuses, dividends and capital growth as the value of their shares in the business grow, and the chance to benefit from growth initiatives in sister businesses.

If you join us as a JV partner we help you to maximise your time productively by providing all the advice and back office services needed by a successful business, including payroll, finance, marketing and IT. New joint venture businesses may also benefit from a share of existing large supply contracts.

In each arrangement HR GO plc retains a majority of the equity because this helps convince investors and 'The City' that the whole organisation is constructed in an appropriate, efficient and satisfactory manner.

And when the time comes to sell

We not only offer a unique opportunity for people with entrepreneurial capability and vision to start a business when Banks or Venture Capitalists may not be so supportive, but also an exit plan so that Joint Venture partners can really reap the rewards of their success.

Selling a business in the open market is often fraught with difficulties. Confidential data may be treated unprofessionally, key staff may be approached, buyers may be on missions other than purchase and valuations themselves are difficult. But selling in the context of HR GO plc when a Joint Venture partner wishes to reap the rewards of their endeavours is much easier and safer, as shares are valued and agreed and share sales may take place with close colleagues and friends already in the business on a pre-arranged basis.

A recruitment agency that is part of a plc is generally valued at a higher price than a private company.

Take the first step

If you are interested in and would like, in total confidence, more details on establishing a Joint Venture company get in contact today.

Following an initial review of your skills, experience and ambitions we will invite you to meet with Jack Parkinson to discuss if becoming a Joint Venture Partner is right for you.

What do existing Joint Venture Partners say?

‘JVs give the right people at the helm the opportunity and ability to grow their business in their own way. The beauty of JVs is you can attract top people into the business.’

Scott Treacher, Managing Director, HR GO Driving and HR GO (Northampton)

‘A JV enables you to concentrate on winning business without the worry of dealing with all the back office accounting, administration and marketing. You have a significant degree of autonomy and can make business decisions instantly without the constraints that come with working for someone else.’

Lesley Harrison, Managing Director, HR GO (Norwich)

‘Having been a Joint Venture M.D. for over seventeen years, I can say with a strong element of authority that the group JV model works. RHL has successfully evolved over the years through being able to make autonomous business decisions coupled with the consistent support provided by HR GO, which has a deep heritage of recruitment and business service offerings.’

Greg Wall, Managing Director - RHL

‘In July 2015 I set up a Joint venture and HR GO (Somerset) LTD was born - I am the MD of my own business and have the satisfaction that I can use my vast knowledge and experience locally and enjoy, with confidence, the systems, processes and procedures that HR GO PLC can offer. This is a perfect partnership.’

Sharon Mead, Managing Director, HR GO (Somerset)
7 Secrets


Recruitment is exciting and rewarding

If you're thinking about running your own recruitment business you can benefit from some of the things I've learned over almost 40 years, and the experience I've gained through my involvement in more than 30 recruitment start-ups, some of which have gone on to be worth millions of pounds for the JV partners involved.

Recruitment is an exciting and rewarding profession. If you're ambitious for success you'll want to get to market quickly, stay ahead of the competition, and find ways to accelerate your growth. I hope this guide will inspire and equip you to take the plunge and do just that.

If I can help at all I will - feel free to contact me to talk through your ideas

Best wishes,
Jack Parkinson

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