• Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need money to invest in the new Joint Venture?

It all depends! We operate a range of different models depending on the specifics of each opportunity, some of which will require investment from the JV partner.

If the proposition is strong we are willing to discuss different funding options. Just bring us your ideas – backed up by your experience and commitment and we can talk!

Q. What do the back office services include?

Everything you need to set up and run a successful business, including:

  • Accounting, credit control and payroll
  • HR and personnel advice and contracts
  • Branding, PR and marketing
  • IT advice and systems
  • Business support and guidance as necessary

Not having to worry about setting up these services yourself means you can get up and running more quickly, more cheaply, and concentrate on what you do best – providing a service to clients.

Find out more about the back office team on our Support Centre page.

Q. Is this a franchise operation?

Not at all.There is greater flexibility and autonomy because you are not obliged to buy everything from one supplier, although we offer common services such as payroll, IT, marketing and other business support services for a nominal management fee.

We share in the profits with you – a franchise will typically take a share of the revenue even if there is no profit.

Most importantly we do not interfere in a JV – unless essential. We don’t want to make your decisions for you, we trust you to know your market.